Access Skiathos

from overseas

From May to October, Skiathos receives direct flights, normally under chartered operations, from most of the major European cities. Although these flights are geared mostly towards package tourists, a certain amount of seats are open to independent travelers. Learn more about these flights from your local travel agent.

Access Skiathos from Athens

Bus connections leave the center of Athens (Kanigos Square) taking passengers to Agios Konstantinos or Mantoudi, from where hydrofoils and conventional ferries depart regularly for the island of Skiathos. The total journey time (including bus and hydrofoil) is approximately 4 hours. The duration of a journey with one’s own car and ferry (since hydrofoils do not take cars), or bus and ferry, is approximately 6 hours.

You can reserve seats on the bus, through the travel agency “ALKYON” on 97 Akademias Street at Kanigos Square. The telephone numbers for reservations are the following: +30 210 – 3843202, +30 210 – 3832545, +30 210 – 3843220.


You can also check the boat timetables at the following websites and make your reservation online:,, and


There is also a direct daily flight from Athens to Skiathos with Olympic Airways ( This flight takes 35 minutes and we strongly recommend making reservations in advance.

Access Skiathos from Volos

During the summer months, there are ferry and hydrofoil connections between Skiathos and Volos ports, Agios Konstantinos and Mantoudi. Volos is the nearest port to Skiathos. Travel time with the hydrofoil is an hour and a half, while the ferry takes two and a half hours.


For timetable information and reservations, please contact the following agencies in Volos, at +30 24210 23415 or +30 24210 35846. Skiathos agencies can be reached at +30 24270 22209, 22750. Alternatively, this information can be found online at

Access Skiathos from Thessaloniki

Ferry or hydrofoil connections between Skiathos and Thessaloniki is not available every summer. We advise you to kindly contact your travel agent to ensure availability. Alternative routes include ferry and hydrofoil passage through the port city of Volos, located only 2 hours away from Thessaloniki.

There are 2 flights per week available between Thessaloniki and Skiathos during the summer months.

Moving around the island of Skiathos

There are frequent busses linking Skiathos Town to its magical beaches and to the mythical Evangelistria monastery. Taxi services are also available throughout the island.

Boat services are available for easier access to many of Skiathos’ beautiful beaches. Rental cars and motorbikes are also readily available for those who want to explore the island’s verdant interior.

Private Yachts and Sailing Boats

Situated 200 meters from Mandraki Village Hotel is the Koukounaries Marina, where boats can be safely moored. Please contact the hotel for further details (+30 24270 49301-03-04 /



Airport: 14km


Port: 12km


Skiathos Town: 12km


Bus stop: 50m (No.23)


Super Market: 50m


Koukounaries Beach: 200m


Banana Beach: 1km


Mandraki Beach: 1km


Scuba Diving: 5 km


Ski School: 300m